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Yoga Classes at Elite

Elite Yoga offers a variety of all levels classes led by experienced​ teachers that are motivated to help you throughout your yoga journey.


Vinyasa Yoga is based in breath coordinated movement, to help you connect your body and mind. Each class offers many different poses for stretching & strengthening the entire body. Yin Yoga is a passive, slow-paced style in which you will hold seated or supine poses for a few minutes at a time. This is a good style to help with deep stretches, to slow down from a busy lifestyle or to supplement your yoga/workouts to ease the muscles.

Monday: Slow Vinyasa Flow 10am

Tuesday: Yin Yoga 4pm

Thursday: Slow Vinyasa Flow 4:30pm

Saturday: Vinyasa Flow 9:30am

Sunday: Beginner 101 Workshop 4:30pm

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All classes currently offered at the Sports Factory. Please email or text us about new student specials, or if you would like to schedule a private lesson. Namaste! ॐ 

      Meet our Teachers


Director of Elite Yoga.

Kiana has been 200hr Certified in Vinyasa Yoga since May 2017, and in Yin Yoga since June 2017. She was introduced to yoga initially in 2008, and then throughout grade school & college discovered the wonderful mental benefits of yoga, in addition to the physical benefits. She plans to continue her education by training to be a yoga therapist.

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