We at ELITE MARTIAL ARTS INSTITUTE take a unique approach to Adult Martial Arts.  We focus on the Traditional Korean Martial Art of TANG SOO DO.  Tang Soo Do combines elements from both Korean and Chinese arts including Karate, Hapkido (self-defense) and Kung Fu.  These classes are taught by Internationally certified Master Instructors of the World Tang Soo Do Association.  Many of them have years of experience in Tang Soo Do and can help you reach any martial arts goal you wish to achieve and improve the overall quality of your life.  We have adult students from the teen age years all the way up to their 70s.  All classes are tailored to the age and ability of the individual.  Each person gets very different results from their experience in our school.  

When you attend our adult classes, you will learn practical self-defense techniques while you build your strength, increase your stamina and flexibility, and get in shape.  Our beginning students train twice a week and receive focused classes on basic technique, forms, self defense and sparring techniques.  These targeted classes allow students to concentrate on improving specific skills and truly mastering the art of Tang Soo Do

Becoming your best.   That phrase is different for each person.  And training in our school is not about how well you do compared to someone else.  It IS all about how well you do for yourself.  We push you to always be better than you were the day before.  When you begin your JOURNEY, you will gain the added bonus of STRESS RELIEF and the experience of setting and achieving goals which translate into the ability and confidence to further pursue goals in all areas of your life.  

With help from our experienced and knowledgeable World Tang Soo Do Internationally certified instructors you will be making your way through the ranks and able to achieve your goal of Black Belt!!!



  • Get Fit Fast

  • Learn Self Defense

  • Become Strong on the Inside

  • Build Strength and Endurance

  • Become Focused and More Goal Directed

  • HAVE FUN!!!

  • Enjoy An Exciting & Structured Martial Arts Program

And Don't Forget

Clean Safe Facility

We work hard to give your child a great environment they'll love.  That means Quality safe equipment.  All the tools you need.  


Classes vary for each location Monday through Saturday

Passionate Instructors

Our Instructors truly care about your child and their success.  They're driven, focused individuals.  Martial Arts isn't our "hobby".  It's our lives.  Whatever you need, we've got you covered.


Facebook:  Elite Martial Arts Institute I & II

Website:     www.EmaiKarate.com

Email:          info@EmaiKarate.com

Instagram:  emaikarate


One of the best things about our school is the amazing, tight knit community.  Make Friends, get support and encouragement, and have Tons of Fun with awesome people, Guaranteed!!

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