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JOHN POTRATZ   Mr. Potratz has been training at Elite Martial Arts Institute since the school was started and is a 3rd degree black belt internationally certified instructor under the World Tang Soo Do Association.  He is officially in charge of managing the Sports Factory Location and his dedication is noticed.  He's dedicated to his school and his students.  When asked why he chose Tang Soo Do, John replied "to better myself and to meet some personal goals". John also believes that Tang Soo Do is ideal for enabling one to to defend themselves.

ARIELLE SEKULA   Ms. Sekula has been training since she was 7 years old and has had the opportunity to train under several instructors.  Being a 4th Degree Master Instructor internationally certified under the World Tang Soo Do Association, she's in charge of managing our Moscow school and thoroughly enjoys teaching students of all ages.  

JODI CERMINARO   Mrs. Cerminaro has been training with members of Elite Martial Arts Institute since she started as a White Belt.  She is now a 3rd Degree Black Belt and internationally certified instructor.  She is a great helper at the school and in charge of numerous initiatives to make the school more efficient.  Mrs. Cerminaro lives in Scranton, PA with her husband.  She started her training at the age of 34 with her two children of 8 and 10 years old.  Throughout her 20 years of training she has had the opportunity to travel and train under the direction of several Masters and Senior Instructors of the WTSDA, eventually finding her home at Elite Martial Arts.  She enjoys participating in Regional and World events within the association and loves to help others achieve their Black Belt goals and beyond.  Mrs. Cerminaro is currently working towards her Sah Dan rank (4th Degree Black Belt Instructor).

BETH WULFF SMITH  Mrs. Smith has been training since  she was 4 years old and is now a 4th Degree Master.  She is also a teacher at the Wallenpaupack area school district.

ELISE SMITH  Elise is a 3rd degree black belt and has been training since Elite Martial Arts opened.   She has been training under the instruction of Master Rick Harsche as one of the first students of our school since 2005, and received her blackbelt in 2009.  Elise is a registered nurse and mother of 4.  "Tang Soo Do is a passion of mine.  It betters your whole being.  It strengthens your body and mind and releases such a positive energy.  It's an amazing art that can benefit any life, whether you're 3 or you're 90."

DEBRA YANAKIS  Mrs. Yanakis started Karate after her daughter, Michelle.  She loved to train with her daughter.  Since then, she has earned a 3rd Degree Black Belt and is now instructing and in charge of most of our social events at the school.  She continues to train hard and occasionally still competes at tournaments.  

(Here are a few of  our Many Instructors and assistant Instructors)


-- Carmine Gatto

-- Erik Buchakian

-- Val Barsamyan

-- Sean Galambos

-- Michelle Yanakis

-- Elly Culotta

-- Tim Murphy

-- Ty Mazzga

--  Jeff Darnell

Masters George and Elly Conrad  Both Masters Conrad started training in karate along with their kids when they were very young.  Since then they have been teaching and still continue to enjoy teaching students of all ages.  

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TIMOTHY MURPHY  Mr. Murphy has been training hard and a loyal student of Tang Soo Do since the day he started training.  He has been with Elite Martial Arts Institute since that day and now, as a Black Belt, he has opened another location for Elite Martial Arts Institute in Estero, FL.   

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