Elite Martial Arts Institute has an amazing Dragon program.  It's rewarding for both the parent and the instructor to see a small Dragon stick with Karate all the way through their teen age years and right through college.  "FROM DRAGON TO MASTER'S RANK BLACK BELT" is a small percentage, but with the hard work of the student, the parent and instructor pushing them through their low point, it does happen.  AND, Elite Martial Arts has produced several of these individuals.  What an amazing person and citizen they become.  STRONG, SELF CONFIDENCE, APPRECIATION, RESPECT, PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY FIT, SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT, KNOWS HOW TO WORK HARD.  These are only a few of the many, many benefits of the martial arts along with the ability to defend themselves responsibly if needed.  What an amazing trail they walk.  

And Don't Forget

Clean Safe Facility

We work hard to give your child a great environment they'll love.  That means Quality safe equipment.  All the tools you need.  


Classes vary for each location Monday through Saturday

Passionate Instructors

Our Instructors truly care about your child and their success.  They're driven, focused individuals.  Martial Arts isn't our "hobby".  It's our lives.  Whatever you need, we've got you covered.


Facebook:  Elite Martial Arts Institute I & II

Website:     www.EmaiKarate.com

Email:          info@EmaiKarate.com

Instagram:  emaikarate


One of the best things about our school is the amazing, tight knit community.  Make Friends, get support and encouragement, and have Tons of Fun with awesome people, Guaranteed!!

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