One of the really special things about EMAI is that everyone, from instructors to fellow students, is committed to helping you succeed.  No matter what your martial arts goals are, or what your abilities are, you will get excellent instruction and tremendous support.




I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest admiration to Elite Martial Arts Karate Program. When our son James joined 6 years ago, he was very shy, and quiet. As he moved through the Gup testing he started having more confidence, his self esteem was growing daily. He is now a confident young man, which values hard work, respect, commitment and self control.

Master Harsche, Mr.Potraz, Mrs.Debra, and all Elite Instructors have been incredible role models, mentors, and friends to our family for many years. We are so grateful for the positive influence they have had on James.

Martial Arts training at this school has provided years of challenging instruction, karate techniques, fun pizza movie nights with friends, after school katate, summer camps, tournaments, weapons classes, self defense classes, hyper fight kickboxing. Elite Martial Arts is a dynamic, innovative school that seeks to challenge the students with new experiences.

Elite Martial Arts has become our second home, as well as our extended family. I'm so thankful we decided to include this experience in our family's life. It has been a personal journey about so much more than Karate.

The Carbone Family

And Don't Forget

Clean Safe Facility

We work hard to give your child a great environment they'll love.  That means Quality safe equipment.  All the tools you need.  


Classes vary for each location Monday through Saturday

Passionate Instructors

Our Instructors truly care about your child and their success.  They're driven, focused individuals.  Martial Arts isn't our "hobby".  It's our lives.  Whatever you need, we've got you covered.


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Instagram:  emaikarate


One of the best things about our school is the amazing, tight knit community.  Make Friends, get support and encouragement, and have Tons of Fun with awesome people, Guaranteed!!

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